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Antonio Nadal ANTONIO NADAL SA is a dynamic and constantly growing company based on strong family values ​​and good will. Thanks to the determination of the owners, the company operates in a stable and stable manner, and now it has an extensive and established customer base. Currently ANTONIO NADAL SA employs a team of 40 people who produce 180 different drinks. These products include the herbal liqueur TUNEL DE MALLORCA and PALO TUNEL, both protected by the Geographical Names of Palo de Mallorca and the Geographical Names of Herbes de Mallorca. The dominant market for ANTONIO NADAL SA is the Balearic Islands, where it has a share in all segments of the beverage sector. It also has a notable presence on the Mediterranean coast of Spain and the Canary Islands. These are strategic showcase sites for international tourism. Current European export destinations: Portugal, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Andorra, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece and Holland. Over the past 3 years, exports have expanded to South America and Asia, including Peru, Colombia, Panama, Korea, Japan, China and India. ANTONIO NADAL SA is currently focusing on entering new European and non-European markets in order to maintain sustainable growth. Between 2009 and 2012, the TUNEL plant near Palma de Mallorca underwent a complete refurbishment, motivated by two main factors. First, the modernization of the building raised energy efficiency standards and allowed us to expand our customer training department in a dedicated mixology room.

Criollita rum
Saturated, sweet. It goes well with ice, perfect for cocktails.
Herbal liqueur Hierbas Tunel de Mallorca 30%
A bouquet of herbs such as rosemary, mint, anise, myrtle.
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